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09 Before Love Was A Word

As my mom tells it, I sang before I talked. It is just that natural for me. You could say singing is my native tongue. 

I was painfully shy as a kid. I remember sitting in my room for endless hours, writing songs and practicing my guitar. I spent most of my time alone, which gave me a beautiful opportunity to grow as a musician and as a seeker. I was quiet. I was contemplative. I was prayerful and deeply spiritual. I knew early on that I had the gift of prophecy or “the knowing”.


As I recall, I was always playing in the woods. Quite simply, it was my natural habitat.  I was most at home in the tops of the towering trees that I would climb. I was comforted by the rhythmic swaying in the wind. The view was clearer, and the space felt undeniably sacred sixty-feet up in the heavens. Cradled by the arms of my ancient trees, I was safe from being bullied or shamed. What an exquisite refuge. 

It seems like yesterday that I was a teenager quietly singing to myself at a Church summer camp.  The Choir director overheard me and made the discovery that I could sing. My world changed instantly. He lovingly took me under his wings and helped me find mine. I would play my guitar and sing, and people would draw near. I went from a shy, awkward, glasses-wearing, tomboy, to an outgoing lover of life, people, and all things spiritual.  

Music created a path for my life, that quite honestly, would most likely never have existed without it. Music gave me my voice. 

Music has been a miraculous gift in my life. Powerful medicine. But for me, the most amazing thing of all, is that I get to witness firsthand the prolific potential of music to free us, to heal us, and to save us. It breaks down barriers and softens us. It lifts us up and makes us warriors.

My life’s work is to share the gifts of music, healing, and teaching with the beautiful souls I am honored to meet. 


I have always said that music is like an ocean wave. It may originate from one source, but it washes over all of us. 

-  Tempe