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There is an elegance to speaking the truth through storytelling. Our greatest teachers have used this method to teach us and to open our eyes for millennium. 
In these times of forced isolation and separation, we are desperate to connect. We yearn for connections with the Creator, with Spirit, with Ourselves, and with each other.  

I am a descendant of the Ancient Cherokee tribe. As is the sacred tradition of my Ancestors, stories remind us of who we are, where we fit in, and where we are going.  

Through my life experiences, studies, and spiritual journeys, I am passionate about sharing the stories and insights that I have learned that provide a deeper and more joyful understanding of our world and the world of Spirit. 

Learning profound truths is a beautiful way to understand the power of love, joy and happiness in our lives.  

I would be honored to share my stories with you and I would love to hear your stories too. 
- Tempe 

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