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The truth is that traditional forms of western psychology practices, including talk-therapy, psychiatry, and even life coaching have value. But if Spiritual health is not included in the over-all health of a person, there is an incredible component that is being denied.


We are only truly whole if we identify and maintain a healthy balance of the Mind, Body, Spirit (MBS) connection.


Before modern medicine entered our culture, Medicine Men/Women, Shaman, Spiritual Mediators, and Healers, knew the importance of spiritual mentoring, insight, and  healing. From Biblical teachings to Native American medicines, healing and cleansing the Spirit are considered central to attaining health and wholeness.


As a intuitive Spiritual Mentor and Healer, I am able to help you discover and uncover those places in your Spirit that need to be cared for, cleared, and healed.


Together, you and I can bring you to a place that is full, hopeful, centered, and full of life.

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"When I booked my appointment with Tempe, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I knew that whatever healing came out of our session was going to be big! I love that Tempe is open and flexible, and that she listens to understand and gets right to the heart of what’s going on. Some of the things we dealt with turned a lifetime of false beliefs on their ear and opened my eyes and heart to an entirely new reality about myself and my giftings. In a matter of days after our session I found myself living with more freedom and more kindness towards myself and my path just continues to open for me as I say yes to the good things that are coming to me. This whole experience has been such a relief and a learning experience that I would recommend this healing modality to anyone who needs breakthrough and has some things that are ready to release and heal. Tempe is such a warm, kind soul and one of very few that I would trust to facilitate deep and lasting healing with."

Angela C. | Georgia

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