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Tempe understands that throughout human history music has always been an integral part of our story. From the ancient Shamans immortalized in petroglyphs on cave walls to the modern-day poets and musicians, music is our medicine. 

Imbued with an insatiable Spiritual curiosity and a strong musical family bloodline, Tempe began performing professionally at the age of fifteen. She began her career as a Gospel singer. 

Through the years, Tempe has toured and performed throughout the United States. She has captivated audiences with her deeply soulful music, her loving Spiritual insights, and her light-hearted sense of humor. 

Tempe met her soul mate and musical partner in 2018. Jodi is a Native American Flute player who shares Tempe's love of music and Spirituality. Together, they have created a beautiful blend of music inspired by Native American Spirituality and a deep love of  Mother Earth. They call it, Native Americana Music. They perform together as the Duo, SPIRIT HORSE.

When Tempe and Jodi aren't performing together, they are out riding their beloved horses in the wilderness or caring for all the animals that call their Gypsy Road Ranch home.

Tempe w/ Onyx
Tempe and Silly Capella
Tempe is Happy
Tempe Plays
Tempe at Gypsy Road Ranch


Grass of HeavenTempe RedHawk
Medicine WheelTempe RedHawk
You Are Healed (Live)Tempe RedHawk

(All instruments on this video were played and recorded by Tempe.)

Film produced by Tempe RedHawk. All rigjhts reserved.

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