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REIKI Master

I am a certified and passionate Reiki Master from the distinguished direct teaching lineage of the original Master, Mikao Usui. 

Reiki, (or energy healing) is a beautiful and powerful healing modality. My Soul easily aligns with this gifting, as it is as ancient as Jesus’ healing of the sick in Biblical times, and continues to be supported through the most recent and advanced science.  Recent studies support the research that energy, frequency, and vibrations are, in fact, the currency of life.  

This non-invasive, spiritually based, healing platform is proving to be highly effective in reducing, relieving, and even reversing illness, pain, and discomfort.  

At its core, Reiki is an invaluable tool to assist you as co-healer in healing yourself. My purpose as Reiki Master is to open your energy channels to facilitate and aid in the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. 

It would be my joy and honor to serve you as Reiki Master. 

Energy Healer

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Before working with Tempe, I had never experienced Reiki. Before our session, she took time to prepare me for what to expect, answer my questions, and even connect the practice to my own faith tradition. This put me right at ease and able to relax and receive. I experienced lots of movement during the session, and after we were done, Tempe talked with me about what we each had experienced in the session. Her wisdom met my own intuition to provide healing and insight for months to come, and laid the foundation for deeper healing and transformation that would come later. I am so thankful for Tempe, for her spirit, and for her work in the world. 

Deb R. / North Carolina